1998 Hall of Fame inductee - M. Sue Higgins

M. Sue Higgins

“The Community College of Rhode Island has been an extension of my family since the time I was hired in January of 1970. My sons were four and one at the time. In my 26 years of employment, I have seen both my families learn, mature, and adapt to our changing society. My sons are grown and will be raising families of their own. The Community College of Rhode Island, my other family, is an institution of higher learning that opens its arms to the community of Rhode Island. It affords everyone, no matter what their background, an opportunity to find themselves and further their education. Students at CCRI not only receive an education, they find direction in their lives. Displayed by their dedication to their chosen profession, the faculty and staff of the Community College of Rhode Island make this impossible. I am honored to have been a part of this family. God bless you all.”
- A quotation written by the late M. Sue Higgins’ son, Michael J. Higgins, to express the sentiment that his mother would have felt in receiving this award.

M. Sue Higgins provided the Community College of Rhode Island with 26 years of dedicated service. She was an invaluable member of the CCRI Computer Center and Computer Studies Program whose ascent from part-time secretary to assistant professor was a testament to her perseverance and talent.

Throughout her 26 years of employment with CCRI, Higgins touched countless lives of students, faculty and staff. An advocate of the adult learner, she was instrumental in cultivating confidence in students – a quality inherent to their success. Higgins’ instruction extended far beyond the classroom. To faculty and staff, she was always willing to assist with their personal computer inquiries. To others, she served as a mentor and a friend.

Hired by the college in 1970 as a part-time secretary in the computer center, Higgins was promoted to the position of assistant to the director of the computer center in 1971. She was later promoted to instructor/teacher. In 1982, CCRI recognized her teaching talent by promoting her to the position of assistant professor.

Born and raised in Little Rock, Ark., Higgins received an associate degree from Little Rock Junior College and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island. She passed away in November 1996.

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