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Community College of Rhode Island

Drawing 3

ARTS 2050 - 3 credits

Stephan Leinhaas - Fall 2011 - Anna Jane Kocon   Jacklyn Kitts - Fall 2011 - Susan Fossati   Dara Gardner - Fall 2011 - Susan Fossati 1   Kyle Sellon - Fall 2011 - Susan Fossati   Kyle Sellon - Fall 2010 - Susan Fossati   Anna Kocon   Fall 2011 - Anna Kocon   Dara Gardner - Fall 2011 - Susan Fossati 2  

Drawing III is a continuation of Drawing II. The student will complete more complex studies of  the human figure using design elements such as line and form. Some use of color and more complex composition will be explored. The student will continue anatomical studies and maintain a sketchbook.

Drawing II & III meet concurrently to allow participation in both groups. Visits to galleries and museums will be encouraged.

Prerequisite: ARTS 1010 Drawing 1 and ARTS 1050 Drawing 2 or permission of the instructor.

4 studio hours

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