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Community College of Rhode Island

Ceramics I

ARTS 1650 - 3 Credits

C.G. - Mark Zellers   Christopher Hanson - Mazin Adam   Mike Mosco - Mark Zellers   Helen Hunt - Mazin Adam   Mazin Adam 1   Mazin Adam 2   Mazin Adam 3   Jacqueline O'Day -Mark Zellers   Kristen Whitten - Mazin Adam 1   Kristen Whitten - Mazin Adam 2   Lawrence Timmins - Mark Zellers   Mark Zellers 1   Mark Zellers 2   Victoria Miller - Mark Zellers  

This course acts as an introduction to fine art ceramics. Coil, slab, and other basic hand building methods as well as glazing and various kiln firing methods are covered.

Kiln and basic glazes are provided; clay and individual tools must be purchased.

(Prerequisite: NONE, although ARTS 1410 is recommended)

Studio: 4 hours

Catalog Course Description - PDF file* (for online versions, see Available Courses)

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