Software Support Policy

It is more efficient for CCRI faculty and staff to use a common set of software products for normal routine tasks. As people begin to share formatted documents, standardization becomes even more important to reduce compatibility problems. Standardizing on a set of products also allows Information Technology to provide a more effective support structure since we are able to develop a deeper expertise on a limited set of products.

We realize that many departments within CCRI require additional software that is not on the Full Support list. The common desktop set of software listed below is recommended for general purpose use. We will continue to provide support for a variety of specialized software such as those used in engineering, multimedia, database, or graphic arts applications. This support is on a limited basis as explained in the Limited Support section. The Non-Supported Software section lists products that are long past their useful life or that do not warrant support, for example a supported product performs the same function. The Summary Support Table gives a graphic view of these support categories.

Please note: College owned software may not be installed on users home computers unless the license agreement explicitly allows such usage.

Full Support

This category applies to applications that are adopted as supported software by the Community College of Rhode Island. Information Technology staff will develop expertise and provide a full range of support for these products. Full support includes: purchasing and maintaining campus licenses, installation of software, upgrades when appropriate, problem determination/resolution, training, and documentation.

Desktop Applications
Type Software
PDF Reader Acrobat Reader
Internet Browsers

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari (Mac Only)

E-mail MS Outlook
Office Suite Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Publisher (PC Only)
Microsoft Access (PC Only)
Microsoft Skype for Business, formerly Lync (PC Only)
Enterprise Software
Type Software
Database Oracle, SQL Server
Information Systems Banner HR
Banner Finance
Banner Financial Aid
Banner Student
Banner Document Management
Banner Accounts Receivable
Banner Self-Service
Luminus Portal
Raiser's Edge
Reporting Argos
Learning Management System BlackBoard

Limited Support

Products under this category are applications for which Information Technology will provide limited support on a best effort basis. Limited support consists of installing the software and troubleshooting to attempt to resolve system and configuration problems as time and resources allow. Application specific questions will not be supported under this category. Users will need to develop expertise in the applications specific to their discipline and needs.

Users requesting installation of software for any college owned computers must provide software documentation and license agreements before IT will install the software.

Examples of applications that are not listed under Full Support or Non-Supported software are listed below:

Limited Supported Software
Mozilla Firefox
Department specific applications
MS Project
MS Publisher
Net Meeting

Non-Supported Software

Software listed below will not be supported by Information Technology.

Non-Supported Software
Applications All DOS Applications
Word Perfect
All-In 1
Operating Systems DOS
Windows Operating Systems older than Windows 7
Linux or Unix Operating Systems Mac OS X Operating Systems lower than Mountain Lion

All unlicensed software, shareware and freeware software including screen savers, games, or peer to peer file sharing programs that do not have a demonstrated educational or business value will not be installed or supported by IT.

Software Support Summary

Software Support Summary
  Full Support Limited Support No Support
Install x x  
Full Troubleshooting x    
Configuration Troubleshooting x x  
Campus-Developed Documentation x    
Consulting x    
Vendor Documentation x    

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Last Updated: 3/9/18