Priorities and Response Time

The IT Help Desk consists of lecturers and full time staff. The lecturers answer the phone and emails. They also go on office visits to assist faculty and staff with their technology issues. The full-time staff goes on office visits to assist faculty and staff, provide remote assistance and advise on equipment to purchase.

Priority Criteria Response Time Completion Time
Urgent Affects more than five individuals; or is mission critical and there is no workaround available.
Examples: E-Mail services are not functional; network is not available; classroom computing technology is not functioning pending a class.
Will call or page Support Specialist for immediate response.  Within 4 hours
High Affects one to five individuals, no workaround available.
Example: Computer with critical data won't boot
Within 4 hours Within 1 working day
Medium Affects fewer than five people, workarounds available.
Example: Can't check e-mail from one computer, but could use WebMail from another computer.
Within 1 working day Within 3 working days
 Low No affect on productivity, or unsupported software. A service request that does not require immediate attention or involves long range planning.

Examples: Monitor showing b/w instead of color. DVD player has no sound.

Within 3 working days Within 5 working days
   **The completion/response time is based on our normal business hours

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Last Updated: 12/21/16