Internet Service Providers

The rapid changes in technology have led to a diversity of options for Internet access from home such as modem, DSL and cable modem service. Selection of a provider should be based on individual need and usage. No single option fits all users. This information is designed to help you understand some of the terms and choices that are available as you select an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that best fits your needs. The following list is derived from providers that colleagues at CCRI have used.

Please note that these links to commercial sites do not constitute a CCRI endorsement, nor is the listing intended to be comprehensive. It is provided solely to assist members of the CCRI community seeking information about their options.

Provider Technical Support
America OnLine 800-827-6364
AT&T DSL Internet 866-722-3425
Cox 877-206-4210
Earthlink 888-327-8454
HughesNet 866-347-3292
Juno 888-213-9093
NetZero 866-810-8092
People PC 800-326-8407
Verizon 800-837-4966

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Last Updated: 11/27/17