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Community College of Rhode Island

Contact Information

Rick Foote
EHS Outsourcing Program Director
Triumvirate Environmental or
Tel: 617-686-6184 or 401-333-7129 

Geraldine Dambreville
EHS Advisor
Triumvirate Environmental
Tel: 857-270-1575 

Mariana Siquiera
Environmental Specialist
Triumvirate Environmental Tel: 508-272-2789

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety News & Announcements

President's Statement of Commitment to the Protection of the Environment and the Health and Safety of the College Community

CCRI is committed to excellence in environmental health and safety. CCRI pledges to uphold all local, state and federal environmental regulations and to protect the environment within the College and that of the surrounding communities. CCRI is committed to ensuring that its students acquire a sense of environmental responsibility that they can apply to their future schooling, their careers and to their everyday lives.

CCRI's commitment begins at the Office of the President and is implemented through the Director of Administration by the Departments of Security and Safety, Physical Plant and the office of the Chemical Safety Coordinator. The institution's Emergencey Response/Environmental Health and Safety Committee with representatives from a broad range of college constituencies meets regularly to offer insights and provide a vital communication link to the entire college community.

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Last Updated: 3/16/16