Steps for installing the JInitiator for Banner 7

Installing JInitiator for Banner 7
Instructions and Screenshots
Step 1

Click on the Start button in the lower left-hand corner

image of the Start button
Step 2

Click on Control Panel

image of selecting the Control Panel
Step 3

Be sure that you have Classic View selected (to change the view from Category View to Classic View, click on the Category View link) and then click on Add or Remove Programs.

image of option of switching to Classic View 
image of Add or Remove Programs
Step 4

Scroll down the list of currently installed programs to find Oracle JInitiator 1.x.x.xx.  There are usually 2 or 3 occurrences.

image of Oracle JInitiator found in Add or Remove Programs
Step 5

Click on Oracle JInitiator to select it and then click Change/Remove.

image of selecting Change/Remove JInitiator
Step 6

You will then be prompted to Confirm File Deletion, click Yes.

image of Confirm File Deletion
Step 7

The "Remove Shared File?" window will appear indicating that if you removed all shared components, some programs that use these files may not work properly and are you sure you want to remove the share file. Click Yes to All.

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Step 8

Another "Removed Shared File?" box will appear confirming that you do want to remove the file. Click Yes

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Step 9

The "Remove Programs from Your Computer" window will appear. Once all components have been removed, click OK

*Repeat steps 5 thru 9 to remove other occurrences of the incorrect version of the jinitiator*

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Step 10

After removing the jinitiator, go to the Banner web page and click on the Banner Login>> button. You will then be prompted to install the Oracle Jinitiator. The installer will automatically download and install from the server.

image of the Banner Login button
Step 11

A box will appear asking: Do want to install this software? Click Install

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Step 12

A Software Installation box will appear indicating that the software you are about to install has not passed Windows logo testing. Click Continue Anyway

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Step 13

Several windows will flash by and the Oracle JInitiator Setup window will appear. The Destination Folder indicates the location where the Jinitiator will be installed. Click Next.

image of the destination folder
Step 14

The Installation Complete window will appear, click Ok.

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Step 15

The Banner login box will then appear for you to login to Banner 7.

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Last Updated: 12/21/16