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Where Respect Happens

Where Respect Happens is a national campaign designed by student affairs professional associations to create opportunities for engagement around issues of civility and respect on our campuses and in higher education. Where Respect Happens means that we are committed to creating and developing communities where students, faculty and staff:

  • Exhibit a curiosity about the perspectives of others
  • Seek to recognizes the strengths of others
  • Acknowledge the dignity of each individual
  • Look for opportunities to connect with and support others
  • Disagree civilly, taking the time to calmly explain and debate points of view
  • Balance our needs with the needs of others in our community
  • Work to find meaning and purpose in our work and in our lives

For those people who choose to participate in this campaign, this sign indicates that we will treat all people with dignity and respect and expect that others do so in our spaces. Together we ensure that the Community College of Rhode Island is a community Where Respect Happens.

Where Respect Happens

Last Updated: 10/2/18