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Community College of Rhode Island

Threat Assessment Committee Mission Statement

In an effort to proactively reach out to members of our college community and to address inappropriate behavior and events before they escalate, the Community College of Rhode Island has created a Threat Assessment Committee. 

The Threat Assessment Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and administrators who gather regularly to review potentially threatening behavior and incident reports. The goal is to recommend early intervention so that individuals get the assistance they need without disruption or violence to the community. In addition to the main committee, each campus has an intervention team for the implementation of any appropriate intervention.

It is critical to understand that the Threat Assessment Committee is not a substitute for the college's disciplinary system, College Police or the emergency response team. The goal of threat assessment is to identify situations before those resources are necessary. Any member of the college community who feels they are in physical danger should contact College Police immediately. Only report to the Threat Assessment Committee those incidents that provoke thought and concern, but require no emergency response.

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Last Updated: 7/1/15