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CCRI has listed all student workshops offered by various College departments on one page for your convenience. Please read the workshop descriptions and click on the Fill Out a Workshop Request Form link below. You will receive a call to scheduled your workshop. CCRI offers the following FREE workshops to CCRI students who would like to improve their grades and/or study skills.

Academic and Study Skills Workshops

  • Transfer Basics 101
    This group helps you research and take control of your own transfer process. It shows you how to determine academic options, financial options and the many different aspects of college life at another college/university.
  • Transfer to RIC
    This hour-long workshop covers minimum requirements for transfer to Rhode Island College as well as transfer basics, including the application process, submitting an official transcript and deadline compliance. An assessment of the applicability of credits toward RIC will be provided, time permitting, if a student brings a degree evaluation or an unofficial transcript.
  • Transfer to URI
    This hour-long workshop discusses minimum requirements for transfer to the University of Rhode Island as well as transfer basics, including the application process, submitting an official transcript and deadline compliance. An assessment of the applicability of credits toward URI will be provided, time permitting, if student brings a degree evaluation or an unofficial transcript.
  • Graduate Early by Taking CLEP
    Earn required credits, save money and graduate early. Discover how the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) can help you receive college credit for knowledge you already have.
  • Note-Taking Strategies
    Learn proven note-taking techniques that will improve the quality of your note-taking skills and your ability to read your own notes. Different note-taking styles will be explored and explained such as the Cornell and Mind Mapping methods.
  • Textbook Reading Strategies
    Do you read and re-read your textbook, but still feel that you do not remember the information or that there is too much information to remember? Sign up for this workshop that explores more efficient methods of reading your textbooks for maximum knowledge retention.
  • The Basics
    This condensed workshop involves a broad range of basic tips for improving general study habits for college success.
  • Learning Styles
    Everyone has a preferred learning style. Knowing and understanding your learning style helps you learn more effectively. Complete an assessment and learn how to maximize your strengths and improve your study strategies.
  • Test-Taking Strategies
    In this workshop you will learn how to prepare for quizzes and tests, as well as what to study and how to recognize and address symptoms of test anxiety. In addition, practical tips on how to answer multiple-choice, essay, and application or case-based questions will be covered.
  • Making Presentations
    There is no way around it. Most college students will have to prepare and deliver an oral presentation for at least one of their classes at CCRI. Many people fear public speaking. If you are uncertain of how to prepare for an oral presentation and would like to increase your self confidence, take part in this fun and informative workshop that discusses the preparation and delivery of an oral presentation. Topics covered in this workshop include types of presentation, organization, use of visual aids, and the importance of body language.

Personal Development Workshops

  • Time Management Skills
    Does it seem like you don't have enough time to accomplish your goals? Attend this workshop to learn how to develop better time-saving and efficient behaviors. This workshop will discuss how to analyze your time usage as well as give you practical tips on managing your time and academic goals more effectively.
  • Dealing with Stress and Anxiety
    Identify your individual triggers for anxiety and stress. Understand your responses to both and explanation of techniques for managing both stress and anxiety.
  • Test Anxiety
    Learn simple strategies to manage the physical and emotional symptoms of test anxiety. Gain the confidence you need to succeed.
  • Beyond Facebook
    This workshop provides effective ways of communicating beyond Facebook. It explores interpersonal issues and offers practical relationship skill development.
  • Journey to Wellness
    This group provides support for students who feel overwhelmed with the demands of life and offers coping skills to better deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Identity and Relationships
    Get to know yourself better and as a result have more successful relationships in your life. This workshop also will make you a more effective student on campus.
  • Anger Management
    Identify a set of strategies to help you constructively control the emotional feelings and expressions of anger.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)
    Emotional intelligence describes the self-perceived ability and capacity, as well as the skills needed to identify, assess and manage the emotions of one's self, of others and of groups. College students will specifically identify emotional self-awareness, emotional self-management, social awareness and relationship management.
  • Scholarships
    Everyone could use help paying for college, few realize just how many scholarships are out there waiting to be won. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn where to find them, how to apply for them, and how to easily position yourself to search for and apply for scholarships on a regular basis.

Career Development Workshops

  • Resume Writing
    Learn how to develop a professional resume and how to use it for getting a job.
  • Getting Your Foot in the Door
    Learn how an internship can lead to your first job. Learn how to get an internship in your field and what types of internships are available.
  • Taking Career Inventories
    By assessing your interests, abilities, values and personality style, you will be able to determine a best-fit career that matches your unique attributes and personal characteristics. Assessments are valuable tools to help you choose a major and provide career direction.
  • What Can I do With a Major In...?
    If you have decided on a major, but are not clear about the occupation options you have, this workshop will address your concerns. A variety of resources and demonstrations of preferred websites will be highlighted.
  • Creating a Career Plan - Getting Where You Want to Go
    In this workshop you will identify strategies that will prepare you to enter your chosen career upon graduation. By establishing a career goal, identifying steps that will get you there, and putting your plan into action, you increase the likelihood of achieving the outcome you desire.
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