Liston Campus Student Government

Executive Committee

Liston Student Government

(Top L-R) Izaiah Polanco, James Wolfgang, Joel Coste, (Bottom, L-R) Heckerly Maria Flores, Oscar Arturo Rosa Rodriguez, Esthefany Polanco, Yamil Cambero

  • Izaiah Polanco
  • James Wolfgang
  • Joel Coste
  • Heckerly Maria Flores
  • Oscar Arturo Rosa Rodriguez
  • Esthefany Polanco
  • Yamil Cambero

Contact Information

For all questions and inquiries
Atrium-Room 1182
Executive Committee

Oscar Arturo Rosa Rodriguez

Executive Vice President:
Heckerly Maria Flores

Director of Finance:
James Wolfgang

Interim Director of Student Relations:
Esthefany Polanco

Director of Administration
Izaiah Polanco

Director of Activities:
Joel Coste

Director of Marketing:
Yamil Cambero


Barry O'Connor Jr.

Last Updated: 10/11/17