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Program Mission and Outcomes

Program Mission

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at the Community College of Rhode Island prepares students for licensure and employment as Physical Therapist Assistants, in various health care settings, with diverse patient populations. Commitment to excellence in student preparation yields graduates that possess ethical practice standards, demonstrate outstanding technical competence, and incorporate critical thinking into all aspects of patient care under the direction and supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The program promotes professionalism and a commitment to the profession of Physical Therapy.

Student and Graduate Outcomes
  1. The Students/Graduates will demonstrate appropriate conduct and ethical behavior as described in the Standards for Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant and applicable jurisdictional regulation, the APTA Values Based Behaviors of the Physical Therapist Assistant and the Standards of Practice developed by the APTA.
  2. The Students/Graduates will be sensitive to individual and cultural differences in all aspects of physical therapy services.
  3. The Students/Graduates will demonstrate comprehensive, accurate, organized and timely written and verbal communication in the provision of patient care and related activities.
  4. The Students/Graduates will participate in teaching and communicating with other healthcare providers, patients, families and caregivers with respect to physical therapy services as directed by a physical therapist.
  5. The Student/Graduates will demonstrate competence in the application of physical therapy interventions according to the plan of care established by the physical therapist.
  6. The Students/Graduate will demonstrate competence in using data collection skills.
  7. The Students/Graduates will utilize effective time management skills and good organizational skills in their role as a physical therapist assistant or student physical therapist assistant.
  8. The Students/Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking skills through sound clinical judgments and practices.
  9. The Students/Graduate will demonstrate the ability to modify patient care interventions according to the patient response and within the plan of care established by the physical therapist.
  10. The Students/Graduates will demonstrate the skills necessary to use an evidence- based approach to physical therapy management.