Along with DJ Hours and the 24/7 stream of awesome modern college music, CCRI Radio has a few programs that are interesting and insightful! From learning about different topics including health and hygiene, to movie reviews, countdowns, and news updates, CCRI Radio's program shows are sure to entertain. Here's the line-up:

  • Ask a CCRI Student Nurse - Nursing majors at CCRI give helpful tips on health and wellness for your everyday routine!
  • Steinle and Sam - Discuss the highlights in professional and CCRI sports.
  • CCRI Top 20 Countdown - Stefano Petrafesa helps get you through the workday with an awesome student-picked modern hits countdown!
  • Reel Talk - Luis Paz and Jarred Brigga discuss the latest movie releases and different topics in films and TV!
  • CCRI Daily Roundup - Listen in to catch the latest in CCRI news and events!

Contact Information

Sandra Luzzi Sneesby
General Manager
Associate Professor of Communication

Kathleen Beauchene
Communication Coordinator
Professor of English

Lydia Rogers
Director of Product Development
Adjunct Professor of Communication

Web Services
Content Manager

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