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General Education - Fine Arts

The following is a list of courses that satisfy the CCRI General Education Fine Arts requirement, and transfer to both RIC and URI as General Education Courses. 

Fine Arts
CCRI Course URI Course RIC Course
ARTS 1001 Introduction to Visual Arts ART 120 Introduction to Art (A3)  ART 175 General Ed-Arts, Visual and Performing (A)
ARTS 1010 Drawing I ART 207 Drawing I (A4) ART 101 Drawing I: General Drawing (A)
ARTS 1310 Two-Dimensional Design ART 101 Two-Dimensional Studio (A4) ART 104 Design I: Two-Dimensional Design (A)
ARTS 1510 Art History: Ancient to Medieval ART 251 Introduction to Art History: Ancient-Medieval (A3) ART 231 Prehistoric to Renaissance Art (A)
ARTS 1520 Art History: Renaissance to Modern ART 252 Introduction to Art History: Renaissance-Modern (A3) ART 232 Renaissance to Modern Art (A)
MUSC 1010 Foundations in Music MUS 111 Basic Musicianship (A4) MUS 203 Elementary Music Theory (A)
MUSC 1110 Jazz History MUS 106 History of Jazz (A4) (C3) MUS 225 History of Jazz (A)
MUSC 1160 Introduction to Music MUS 101 Introduction of Music (A4) (B1) MUS 201 Survey of Music (A)
THEA 1090 Introduction to Theatre THE 100 Introduction to Theatre (A4) (B2) THTR 240 Appreciation and Enjoyment of the Theatre (A)