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Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning was established in 1990 at the Community College of Rhode Island coordinated through the Office of Student Life under the directorship of Dean Becky Yount.

Service Learning at CCRI offers students the opportunity to serve their community through a wide range of service projects. These projects are coordinated by the Associate Dean's of Student Life through the four Student Governments and 90+ clubs and organizations.

Service Learning is used to develop and enhance leadership skills in after school settings and non-profit organizations to support student growth as successful leaders in the community and to enhance their academic developments.

Service Learning uses community involvement as the vehicle for the attainment of student's academic goals and objectives. It provides structured time for students to reflect on their service and learning experiences through a mix of writing, reading, speaking, listening, and creating in small and large groups and individual work.

Who are we?

Since 1990, more than 50 CCRI faculty members have offered community Service Learning opportunities to the college's students in cooperation with the Office of Student Life.

What do we do?

We  help place students in non-profit community partner sites in adjacent to our four campuses that focus on after school and Literacy programs that are in collaboration with our Service Learning program to fulfill the students' required service hours through their coursework.

How are we helping the community?

Our Volunteer Agency Guide list over 90 non-profit agencies throughout RI where students have the opportunity to fulfill their community service needs. The Service Learning program has established numerous collaborative projects between CCRI's students, faculty, staff and local, national, and international service focused organizations. We also assist with volunteer work every year for the Annual Community Service Day, during All College Week, by contributing to surrounding communities in need.

What are the benefits of getting involved?

Enhance your Leadership skills and styles, looks good on a resume or transcript to a 4-year college, network and meet new people, and possible future job placements.  Receive extra credit through your class curriculum, if part of a requirement.

How to get involved?

CCRI students can experience Service Learning in their classroom. Every semester, the Program Assistant, through the Office of Student Life, is available to give a brief classroom presentation on our Service Learning Program. To schedule a presentation, contact Brenda Pacheco, at 401-333-7075 or

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