VA Certification and Enrollment

Steps to follow

The information below is designed to assist students in completing the necessary steps to receive VA Educational Benefits.

Step One - Applying for VA Educational Benefits

Students applying for GI Bill benefits for the first time and who are classified under one of the eligibility statuses as described below must apply for educational benefits online from the VA using VONAPP at

Step Two - Receiving Certification from CCRI

To be certified for VAbenefits, students must complete steps A & B each semester.

  1. Enroll for upcoming semester online.
    • Refer to step 3 and select your status of either new or continuing student
  2. Submit a CCRI Veteran’s Certification Worksheet.
    • The CCRI Veteran’s Certification Worksheet must include your VA file number that is issued from the VA. The completed worksheet should be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services each semester.
  3. Certificate of Eligibility (COE) - CCRI requires an up-to-date COE be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services. Students must obtain their own COE from the VA Website at

Initial certification

Once steps A & B are completed, CCRI will process the initial certification according to this schedule:

  • Fall semester – beginning the early August
  • Spring semester – beginning the end of December
  • Summer Session – beginning the middle of May

Subsequent certification

Please e-mail (include your CCRI ID and VA file number)the Office of Enrollment Services at [email protected] with any changes that may occur such as:

  • Change in enrollment credits (add or drop a course)
  • Change in program of study
  • Change in eligibility status
  • Change in contact information (name, address or phone number)
  • When you receive one of the following grades (W, WP, WF, NA, NR, NS, I or IC)
  • Withdrawing from the semester (dropping all courses)

VA requirement - Students receiving benefits under Chapters 30, 33, 1606 or 1607 must verify enrollment monthly to the VA either by contacting the office at (877) 823-2378 or online (WAVE) and select Verify School Attendance.

Step Three - CCRI Enrollment Requirements

New Student: New students must submit a CCRI application and pay a $20 application fee.

New students must also register for classes.

Continuing Student: Continuing students must register for classes.

Contact Information

Staff Listing

Knight Campus
Ground Floor, Room 0050
Tel: 401 825-2003

Flanagan Campus
1st Floor, South Entrance
Tel: 401 825-2003

Liston Campus
Room 1150
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Newport County Campus
Room 150
Tel: 401 825-2003

E-Mail for Enrollment Services:
Admissions/Records: [email protected]

Veterans: [email protected]

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