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High School Enrichment

The High School Enrichment Program at the Community College of Rhode Island offers high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to pursue educational experiences not available to them in high school.

hsenIt is a part-time program that allows high school students to enroll in up to eight (8) credits (or two courses) per semester. Course selection is at the discretion of the high school counselor and students may be responsible for tuition and fees. A high school counselor must recommend the student as capable of earning college credit. For information about this program, please review the following link: Prepare Rhode Island Fund

Application Steps

  1. Students must complete the Application for the High School Enrichment Program.
  2. Student and high school guidance counselor select courses.
  3. Student must bring completed Application for the High School Enrichment Program to the Office of Enrollment Services.
  4. Complete ACCUPLACER testing if applicable.

High School Enrichment Program Application

If you are a public school student, please click the link below for the online DualEnroll Application.

DualEnroll First Time Students

If you are an out-of-state, private school or homeschooled student, please apply using the paper application at the link below.

High School Enrichment Program Application