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Official Ccri Logos

The Community College of Rhode Island logo is the primary identifying element of the graphic identity system. Updated in 2005, the updates to the logo are deliberately subtle in an effort to seamlessly integrate it without a perceptible visual change to outside viewers. These logos must be used on all stationary, publications, signage, websites and other communications, print or electronic, produced by any college program or department. See guidelines below.

Official CCRI logos

Choose from the three variations of the logo below to download the version you need for your project.

CCRI Logo 3 lines

Logo with CCRI text (signatures). This format is used for most publications. Download graphic.

CCRI Logo 3 line with Campus

Campus signatures. Use this format if your program or event is campus-specific. Download graphic.

CCRI logo

Logo only, no text. Download graphic.

Topics covered

  • CCRI logo reproduction
  • Clear zone and color
  • Color
  • Incorrect uses of the logo

CCRI logo reproduction:

  • Camera-ready reproduction files for the CCRI logo are available through the Department of Marketing and Communications. These files are provided in the following sizes: 6-inch and 3-inch tiff files.
  • Always use the size closest to that meeting your needs. For in-between sizes always select and reduce the next larger size.
  • Do not reduce any of the camera-ready art more than 50 percent and do not reproduce the CCRI logo smaller than 1/2-inch wide.

Clear zone

  • For maximum clarity and visibility, a “clear zone” equal to the height of the capital “C”in Community should be maintained around each signature on any design piece.
  • No CCRI signature should be reproduced to a size where the CCRI logo is smaller than 1/2 in. wide.


  • The official colors of the Community College of Rhode Island are CCRI Green PANTONE (PMS) 349 and White. Black is the alternative when budget or context rule out the use of color. PMS 349 Green = #006B3F
  • The logotype consisting of the words “Community College of Rhode Island” should be printed only in PMS 349 Green.
  • In the event that budget or context rule out the use of color, the CCRI Signature in its entirety should print in Black.

Incorrect uses of the logo

logos wrong 1

logos wrong 2

Contact Information

Main Office: 
Knight Campus 
3rd Floor, main building 

Meet the department 
The CCRI Department of Marketing and Communications is the hub for all internal and external college communications. If you have news you want people to know about, let us know!

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