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CDR Standards

OSCQR Webinars Spring 2023

Each OSCQR standard represents a research-based effective practice in online course design.  Join us this spring to explore the practices that will improve your outcomes and increase student success.  The 1-hour webinars will review the standards and provide examples of application in an online course.

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OSCQR Levels of Review

We have broken OSCQR into manageable groups to help you work your way through the full process of review at a pace that can easily fit into your existing schedules.

Level 1 Foundation Standards starts you off with basic effective practices that will begin to impact student performance in your online courses. 

Level 2 Intermediate Standards kicks it up a notch by concentrating on the course overview and accessibility. (Coming Soon)

Level 3 Advanced Standards dives deeply in to course interactions and content building. (Fall 2023)