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Starfish for Faculty

Starfish is a platform that creates a network of communication between faculty, students, and student services staff to support student success. Starfish provides a central location to connect students to the people and services that can help them be successful.

Starfish can help you;

  • easily share concerns with the appropriate people at the right time to make an impact on a student's success,
  • send motivating messages of support to your students who are participating and improving,
  • open an email within the platform and give feedback,
  • set your office hours and let students book appointments with you through Starfish.

Watch the Starfish for Faculty webinar.

If you need any help with Starfish or have additional questions, please contact Tanekar Alexander.

Introductions to Starfish for Faculty

1. Accessing Starfish

  • You can login to Starfish from the CCRI home page or from within your Blackboard course.
  • Read more about how to logging into Starfish.

2. Setting Up Your Profile

The Starfish Institutional Profile is what students and others in the Starfish system see - including your picture, contact information, and background. Some information is automatically populated from Banner. Make sure to review the information for accuracy and add anything that may be missing.

3. Setting Up Office Hours

Office Hours allows you to set times that you are available and enables students to make appointments with you. Appointments through Starfish also provide confirmations and reminders for students. The first time you login to Starfish, Starfish will provide a ‘wizard’ to walk you through setting up your office hours, which enables students to schedule time with you.

4. Respond to a Progress Survey

Starfish Progress Surveys are a concise way to raise Flags and Kudos on students during critical
points during the semester. You will receive an email when a survey is ready to be completed. Each email has a link to survey for each class that semester. Each survey asks you to review your roster and raise any flags, kudos, or referrals needed.

5. Raise a Flag, Kudo, or Referral

At any point in the term, you can raise a flag, send a kudo, or refer individual students. The messages to students have standard language into which your personalized messages are placed.

6. More Features

You may find the following features helpful: