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Learning on the Go

Is it hard to find the time to learn new teaching strategies? Do webinars never fit into your schedule?

Teaching and Learning Guides

These guides are here to help you improve your teaching practices when you have the time. The guides are self-paced interactive web pages, infographics, video or libguides with new ideas and techniques for professional faculty development based on recent Learning Design Center webinars. Once we offer a workshop, we create a toolkit for faculty not able to attend.

Trek through a selection of micro-learning guides on topics such as course organization, creating student engagement, and building effective assessments. "Try It!" activities allow you to apply the topics to your courses.

Learning Continuity

Effective Practices

Equity and Accessibility

Using Technology

To see upcoming webinars, check out upcoming SPOT Webinars.


ACUE has put together two guides to help faculty who are moving online or teaching remotely.