Inserting Picassa Photo Album Code

****For Marketing staff only****

IMPORTANT: You must use the template referenced below when embedding the Picasa photo album code --or any other code which references Flash files (.swf). This is because the Flash movie/slideshow will not appear in iPhones or iPads --or any other device which does not support Flash. The template is built with a "container" <div> which surrounds the Picasa code and will display on iPhones and iPads. The container displays a message about the Flash issue and directs iPhone and iPad users to click on the link (also provided on this template) to download an app which will allow them to view our Picasa slideshows.

So, with that said...

Open the Firefox browser and go to:

Login to OmniUpdate from that page

After logging in, you should now have the "template-slideshow.html" file displaying and ready to use. Follow these steps first:

  1. Check it out
  2. Click on the "Edit" button
  3. Click the "Save As" button in the toolbar and save the template with a new file name, so as to not overwrite the template.

    Information Technology

Now open the new file you just created, then:

  1. Check it out.
  2. Click on the "Edit" button

    Information Technology
  3. Click the "edit main content" button

    Information Technology
  4. Replace the Latin text with text relevant to the slideshow you are creating.

    Information Technology

Click on "HTML" in the toolbar:

Information Technology

In the HTML Source Editor window:

  1. Copy the code for the slideshow which was generated by the Picassa site (see Picasa tutorial) then paste it over the "<object>" tags. (see yellow highlighted area below)
  2. Click "Update"

    Information Technology

Save the page, publish and review it on the live site. If all is well, create a link to it from the appropriate pages on the Marketing and/or CCRI site.

Contact Information

This tutorial is meant for use by the Department of Marketing and Communications only.

Photo galleries which you would like to publish on your department's site must be approved by the Department of Marketing and Communications for content, graphic standards and potential inclusion in the college’s photo gallery archive.

Please send photos to for review.

If you have difficulty accessing the information on this page, please contact Web Services.

Last Updated: 5/10/17