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Sending targeted messages in MyCCRI

How to send an HTML emailer in MyCCRI.

Please note: you must have special HR administrative access to MyCCRI to perform this function.

  1. Login to MyCCRI at:
  2. Click on "Portal Admin":

    Portal Admin link
  3. On the Portal Administration screen, click on the "Manage Targeted Announcements":

    Manage Targeted Announcements link.
  4. On the Manage Targeted Announcements screen, click the "Capacity:" drop-down menu, then click the "(Role = HR OR Role = PR OR Role = Registra)" link:

    Select HR role
  5. Click the "New Announcement" button:

    New Announcement button
  6. On the " Schedule New Targeted Announcement " screen:
    1. Type in your subject text into the "Announcement Subject" field.
    2. Click on the "Source" button
    3. Copy the final HTML code, which was delivered to you from Web Services (usually via email), and paste it into the source window.
    4. Click the "Next" button:

  7. On the " Schedule New Targeted Announcement/Target Audience " screen:
    1. Click the "Refine Audience" button

      Refine Audience button
  8. On the next screen, click on the "+" button:

    click on the next screen
  9. In the "Change Target Audience" area, click on the "Roles" link:

    Change Target Audience
  10. In the next "Change Target Audience" area, click on the "Members 13...24" link:

  11. In the next "Change Target Audience" list, check the "Employee_Access" checkbox, then click the "Select Marked" button:

    employee access
  12. Note that "Employee_Access" is now under "Selected Items:" area. Then click the "Done" button:

    click the done button
  13. On the next screen, note that "Employee Access" and "Public" roles are selected, then click the " " button:

    employee access is selecteed
  14. Click the "Next" button:

    click the next button
  15. On the next screen:
    1. Select the "E-mail" checkbox
    2. Leave the "Delivery Date and Time" as it is, if you plan to send the email immediately --or change to email at a later date and/or time
    3. Click the "Next" button

      click the next button again
  16. In the next screen, you will see a preview of the HTML code followed by text affirming the target audience, that it's being sent as na email and when it's being sent. If all is well, click the "Schedule Announcement" button. This will send the email.

    schedule announcement
  17. On the next screen, click the "OK" button to finish.
  18. Be sure to logout when your are done.