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Editing the Features in the events calendar

(***Administrators only***)

  1. There are two modes for the Features panel: Single and triptych
    feature panels
  2. Step 1: Create graphics
    1. Go to: PRPB:\Brendalee\__DOCUMENTS\___Facebook+WebGraphics\__Events-calendar\
    2. Open "template-events-cal.psd"
    3. Create single or triptych panels
    4. Save template with a new name and send path to Erin to be used below
  3. Step 2: Send an email to [email protected] specifying text and links. Please use this format until I have a chance to create an electronic form:
    1. For single panel feature:
      1. Image path: PRPB:\Brendalee\__DOCUMENTS\___Facebook+WebGraphics\__Events-calendar\single-event-01.psd
      2. URL image links to:
      3. ToolTip: Register now!
    2. For triptych panel feature:
      1. Image path: PRPB:\Brendalee\__DOCUMENTS\___Facebook+WebGraphics\__Events-calendar\trip-events-01.psd
      2. URLs and ToolTips for each image:
          1. ToolTip: Register now!
          1. ToolTip: ________
          1. ToolTip: ________