About the Events@CCRI calendar

The Events@CCRI calendar, powered by Bedework, conforms to current calendaring standards. Bedework is an attractive solution because it is open source, made for higher education, built on Java, and has a centralized server architecture.

The Events@CCRI  user interface was modeled after the Yale University design and was originally developed by adapting code that Duke University shared with Yale University.


The Events@CCRI calendar allows a user to:

  • Create events that are one time events or are recurring
  • Provide a public facing calendar for publicizing their activities & events
  • Share events using "Share This"
  • Cross publish events on other CCRI department calendars

Who can use it?

Departments and organizations at CCRI. To submit an event, use the Submit events form.

A calendar for the events of a department or organization can be pulled from the main calendar and displayed on the dept. website. Email IT Web Services for assistance in setting this up.

How much does it cost?

This service is available at no charge to the CCRI community.

Where can I get help?

Direct questions regarding the Events@CCRI calendar to IT Web Services.

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Last Updated: 4/9/20