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Jim Kirby

Manager, Internet Technologies - Design & Content

Jim Kirby As the manager of CCRI's website design and content, I am responsible for designing the overall look & feel of the web site, ensuring that it meets all state and federal accessibility standards and CCRI graphic standards. I create the templates and web graphics used in the development of the various department, program and organization sub-sites. 

I also oversee the development, coordination, management, and ongoing maintenance of the content on the public areas of CCRI's web site and provide graphical customization of the private areas of the site such as MyCCRI, Blackboard and Banner.

I oversee web development training for faculty, staff, and students which includes the  development of the underlying code, the production and editing of web graphics and the use of cascading style sheets toward the goal of producing web standards compliant websites.

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Knight Campus
Room #3556 & 3562, Round Blg.


Jim KirbyJim Kirby
Manager, Internet Technologies,
Design & Content
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