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Display problems in IE 6

Support for IE 6 dropped

Beginning in September of 2010 CCRI no longer guaranteed its web pages will display or function properly in Internet Explorer 6. Service desk support for IE 6 will also be discontinued at this time. The IT department strongly recommends you upgrade to Internet Explorer 7* as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing display problems with a CCRI Web page, you may still be using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. (IE 6 or earlier) If you are viewing a CCRI Web page with IE 6 or older version, you will see a yellow banner at the top and bottom of the page, notifying you that you need to upgrade to a newer version if Internet Explorer:

Screen shot showing yellow warning banner that IE 6 users will see.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Not all browsers will work with the MyCCRI portal. For a listing of the browsers that work with MyCCRI see: "Browsers that work with MyCCRI"»

*The IT department recommends that you upgrade to IE 7, as it is the only browser that is fully supported in the current version of MyCCRI.  [Upgrade to IE 7 here - Be careful to look for the IE 7 link on the Microsoft page --the graphics for their newer version, which has not been fully tested on our systems, is much more prominently displayed than the IE 7 download info.]

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Last Updated: 12/4/15