Editing faculty/staff websites in OmniUpdate

As a new service, CCRI now provides faculty and staff the ability to create and maintain full-featured, customizable websites as a vehicle to distribute college-related information.

Whether you currently have a site or not, a very basic info-block has been created for you on your department's faculty/staff index page, using information from the Banner Information System. Depending on how fully you have completed your work contact information in MyCCRI, your basic info-block could contain the following:

screenshot 1

Plus your department. Your department is not displayed in the individual info-blocks but is used to determine which faculty/staff should appear on which department pages. (Department is only editable through HR.)

Making changes to your Banner information

The yellow areas above (plus your department) are entered into the Banner database by the Human Resources dept. You may be able to modify these areas, depending on the limitations of the HR system. To inquire about making modifications to your name, title, and department, send an email to humanresources@ccri.edu.

The pink areas above are entered into the Banner system by each individual employee by logging into MyCCRI and following these instructions.

For changes to your email see this page.

Add or change your photo

You can request to add or change your photo. Web Services can make this change for you. Send your photo (minimum dimensions 200px by 300px) to WEBSERVICES@CCRI.EDU. Or learn how to fully edit your site by scheduling some training sessions with webservices@ccri.edu. See more info below.


Only you may modify your Banner info, either in MyCCRI or by contacting Human Resources; it cannot be modified using Omni Update or by anyone other than yourself.

How to develop your faculty/staff website

You can improve your basic info-block profile page into a full-featured multi-page website in which you can upload, display or link to course and college-related materials. (Please note, you must upload video files to the college's streaming video server or another host and link to them from your site. (See documentation.)

All new faculty/staff sites will be created in the college's content management system, Omni Update. To request a full-featured site, email webservices@ccri.edu

Learn more about developing your website.
Here is a screenshot of a faculty site which has been fully developed:

screenshot 2

In customizing your site, you have the following options:
  1. Create additional pages within your site and replace the left-column departmental navigation with links to your pages.
  2. Send us a photo or image to add to your profile page. (Minimum image dimensions: 200 x 300 pixels.)
  3. As mentioned above, you may make changes to your basic contact info in MyCCRI or through HR. Only you may initiate or make these changes.
  4. Add this optional information to your profile page in the following categories:
    1. Education
    2. Bio
    3. Selected Publications
    4. Academic Focus
    5. Research Focus
    6. Areas of Expertise
    7. Presentations and Activities
    8. Awards and Honors
    9. Additional Information
    10. Areas of Interest
  5. NOTE: If you do not want any of the above categories to display, simply leave them blank.
To see some other examples of established sites go to:

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Last Updated: 3/8/18