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Community College of Rhode Island

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Web Content Managers

(Formerly known as Information Providers or IPs)

Department/Organization Content Manager Email Extension
Access Heather Bryant 7292
Administrative Office Technology (OFTD) Donna Scattone 2155
Admissions (OES) Jude A. Tomasino 7317
Advising & Counseling Center Wendy Parr 2221
Allied Health Joanne Jacobs 7024
Alumni Affairs Marisa Albini 7150
Art Eileen Namaka 2267
Associate Vice President for Student Services (AVP) Wendy Parr 2221
Athletics Kevin Salisbury 7316
Biology Karen Bouchard 2340
Bookstore Donald Baker 2134
Bursar Dennis Grassini 2151
Business Administration John Ribezzo 2251
Business Affairs Kent Gates 1114
Business Office Kent Gates 1114
College Police (CAMPUS POLICE) William Reynolds 2109
Career Services Jacqueline Russell 2229
CCRI Currents Marketing & Communications 2181
CCRIPSA Geraldine Peixoto 7132
Center for Innovative Teaching, Learning and Assessment (CITLA) Michele Quaedvlieg 2233
Center for Workforce & Community Education (CWCE) Jaime Nash 7156
Chemistry Don Jurkowitz 2010
Child Care Center Marketing & Communications 2181
College Catalog Marketing & Communications 2181
Computer Studies & Info Processing (COMP) Donna Scattone 2155
Controller's Office Sharon Picard 1071
Cooperative Education (COOPED) Tonia Fay 2050
Copyrights and Intellectual Property Web Services  
Criminal Justice & Legal Studies (LAW) Steven D. Murray 2326
Dean of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Lyndsy A. Fontaine 2034
Dean of Business, Science & Technology (dean-bst) Dr. Peter N. Woodbury 2147
Dean of Health & Rehabilitative Sciences (dean-hrs) Maureen E. McGarry 7102
Dean of Learning Resources (dean-lrc) Michele Quaedvlieg 2233
Delta Epsilon Chi (dex) JoAnn Warren 2321
Dental Health Kerri Friel 7277
Disability Services (DSS) Kevin Salisbury 7316
Distance Learning for Faculty Maggie Burke 2058
Distance Learning for Students (distance) Maggie Burke 2058
Driver Education (CWCE) Jaime Nash 7156
Educational Opportunity Center Web Services  
Engineering & Technology (ENGT) Kevin Crawford 1149
English Gail Yanku 2262
ESPA Donna Scattone  2155
Faculty Association Karen Allen 2056
Financial Aid (OES) Andrea Lachapelle 6062
Foreign Languages & Cultures Carol Panaccione 2011
Foundation Geraldine Peixoto 7132
General Education Committee (gened) Lindsy Fontaine 2034
German and French Club Carol Panaccione 2011
Governance Kevin Salisbury 7316
Honors Program Karen Kortz 7188
Human Services (hmns) Ellen Ogrodnik 2271
Human Services Club (hsclub) Ellen Ogrodnik 2271
Imagine Marketing 2181
Information Technology (IT) Elizabeth Dowling 2475
Institutional Research & Planning (IRPL) April Roberts 2225
Italian Club Maria Mansella 2011
Joint Admissions Agreement (JAA) Marthe-Anne Monagle  
Library Elizabeth Penta 1141
Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (LOAC) Jeanne Mullaney 7222
Marketing and Communications Marketing & Communications 2181
Mathematics Edward Madonna 2463
News & Events Dave Fischbach 2082
Nursing James Hinsey 6046
Office of Enrollment Services
(OES, Admissions, FA & Records)
Jude A. Tomasino 7317
Office of Human Resources (hr) Melissa Murphy 2311
Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) Geraldine Peixoto 7132
Office of Opportunity and Outreach Barbie Sanborn 6013
Office of the President Marketing & Communications 2181
Office of the Vice President, Academic Affairs Donna Mesolella 1079
Peer Tutoring Sue Grundy 1108

Performing Arts (music & theater)

Cheri Markward 2167
Prior Learning Assessment JoAnn Warren 2321
Prismatic Perception(prism) Carol Panaccione 2011
Physics Bruce Herrick 2212
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Margaret Connell 2263
Psychology Donna Mesolella 1079
Psychology Club Dr. Edmond Zuromski 1151
REACH Barbie Sanborn 6013
Rehabilitative Health Programs Kimberly Crealey Rouillier 1668

Safety (Environmental Health and Safety)

 Rick Foote  7129
Service Learning (OSL) Rebecca Yount 7159
Social Sciences (socsci) Lolita Villanueva 2171
Student Clubs (osli) Brenda Pacheco 7075
Student Government (sg) Brenda Pacheco 7075
Study Abroad Office Carol Panaccione 2011
Success Centers Sue Grundy 1108
Sullivan Fund Kathleen Beauchene 7389
Telecourses Jaime Nash 7156
Telephone & E-mail Directory Online (phone) Web Services web  2311
Threat Assessment Committee Wendy Parr 2221
Triangle Alliance William Pellicio 1125
Unfiltered Lens Web Services 1178
Veterans Education Assistance Andrea M. Lachapelle 1149
Wellness Initiative Ellen Ogrodnik 2271
Writing Center Karen Petit 2279

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