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Common solutions for Password issues

Accessing CCRI resources
To log in to CCRI e-mail, Blackboard, MyCCRI, or any other CCRI resources you will need to enter in your CCRI Username and password. For newly created accounts, this will be set to the temporary password.

Temporary password
The temporary password for newly created accounts is the first three letters of the username (first letter capitalized) followed by underscore (_) and the last four numbers of the CCRI ID number (for example: Jdo_1234).

"ERROR: username/password pair not found" message
The password you are entering does not match the password for that username. Please confirm your CCRI Username using the lookup form:

CCRI Username Lookup

Locked account
After four unsuccessful attempts to login, your account will be locked for security reasons for approximately twenty minutes. We recommend trying later or resetting your password.

Reset password
If you forget your password and are enrolled in Rave, you may use the Password Management system to reset your password yourself.

Password Management

If you are not enrolled in RAVE, you will have to submit a password reset form with a photo ID via e-mail or fax.

Password reset form

Other password issues
Further support is available on the following page:

Password Documentation

Common solutions to CCRI Wireless issues

Student, Faculty, and Staff wireless access
If you are a CCRI Student, Faculty and/or Staff member, choose "CCRI_Community". When prompted enter your CCRI Username and password. Instructions for various devices are available in the link below.

Guest wireless access
If you are a guest user on campus, choose "CCRI_Community". When prompted enter ccriguest as your username and ccri123 as your password. Guest access is monitored, restricted and rate-limited.

Instructions to connect various devices to CCRI wireless

Other Wireless issues
Further support is available on the following page:

Wireless Support

Common solutions for CCRI E-mail issues

Accessing CCRI e-mail for Students
Students can access their CCRI e-mail through the web or on a mobile device.

Student e-mail via the web

Student e-mail via mobile device

Accessing CCRI e-mail for Faculty or Staff
Faculty or Staff can access their CCRI e-mail through Outlook, Webmail or a mobile device.

Faculty e-mail via Outlook

Faculty e-mail via the web

Faculty e-mail via mobile device

Other e-mail issues
Further support is available on the following page:

E-mail Support

Common solutions for Banner issues

Issues logging into Banner
Banner can be accessed at https://www.ccri.edu/it/banner/ using your CCRI username and password:

CCRI Banner login

Request access to Banner, Travel and Expense, and Argos
Authorization to Banner, Travel and Expense and Argos must be submitted using the following form to the Data Stewart responsible for approval.

Data Access Authorization Request Form

Accessing Banner from off-campus
Banner by default can only be access on campus.

You will need to request VPN access using the form below.

Other Banner issues
Further support is available on the following page:

Banner Documentation

Common solutions for Blackboard issues

Issues logging into Blackboard
Blackboard can be accessed at http://blackboard.ccri.edu using your CCRI username and password:

CCRI Blackboard login

I cannot see my course in Blackboard
Course enrollment information will be loaded no later than 2 weeks before the semester starts.

  • If you register for a course during open registration or after classes have begun, it can take up to 24 hours after you register before your course appears on your Blackboard course listing.
  • Your instructor has not made the course available to students.
  • You may have been dropped from the course due to a hold on your account.

Please contact your instructor to verify they are using Blackboard.

Other Blackboard issues
Further information is available on the following page:

Blackboard Support

Common solutions for Classroom issues

Classroom equipment or training needed
To request equipment or training for classroom equipment, please complete the following form:

Media Services - Equipment Request Form

Other classroom issues
Further support is available on the following page:

Classroom Technology

Common solutions for MyCCRI issues

Recommended Browsers
We recommend using Internet Explorer (Not Microsoft Edge) or Mozilla Firefox to access the MyCCRI websites.

User ID or Pin Issue
This page may come up if your browser is having issues with saving cookies. We suggest using a recommended browser or opening a private browsing window.

Other MyCCRI issues
Further support is available on the following page:

MyCCRI Documentation

Common solutions for Hardware issues

Other hardware issues
Further support is available on the following page:

Hardware Support

Common solutions for Software issues

Software for a lab or classroom
To request software for a lab or classroom, please complete the following:

Lab/Classroom Software Request Form

Software on CCRI-owned computers
Information about software on CCRI computers and the level of support provided for them is available on the support page:

CCRI Software

Office at home for Faculty and Staff
As part of the Microsoft Campus Agreement, CCRI Faculty and Staff are eligible to purchase Microsoft Office 2016 products for their home computers through Microsoft’s software assurance Home Use Program (HUP):

Microsoft Home Use Program for Faculty and Staff

Office at home for Students
Microsoft Office is available for all CCRI students to download. Microsoft Office is accessible as long as you are enrolled at CCRI:

Office 365 for download installation instructions

Other software issues
Further support is available on the following page:

Software Support

Common solutions for Printing issues

Printing from mobile devices
PrinterOn offers easy and convenient printing from mobile devices. Students, faculty and staff can print from any internet connected mobile device.

Printing from Mobile Devices

MFD (multi-function device -printer/copier/scanner) out of staples or toner

Please fill out the form below.

Printer out of toner
For department specific printers, the departments are responsible for ordering and replacing the toner.

MFD out of paper
A stock of paper is kept near the MFDs for convenient refills. A Facilities Work Order request should be placed by departments near the printer when stock runs low.

Facilities Work Order Request

Other printing issues
Further support is available on the following page:

Printing Support

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