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Frequently asked Questions about Office 365

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are faculty and staff being moved to Office 365?

    • Office 365 provides enhanced services to the college community including:

      • Access to your files saved in Office 365 using any internet-connected device anywhere, anytime.

      • Fifty gigabytes of e-mail storage and one terabyte of data storage (a lot).

      • Online versions of Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, just to name a few.

      • Document sharing and collaboration capabilities within a secure, reliable, online environment.

    • As you may know, CCRI students have been successfully using Office 365 for a number of years. The move to Office 365 is a major trend in higher education for students and then for faculty and staff. As these services have matured and their integration with on-premise services have improved, there is now enough value for the college to move faculty and staff to cloud e-mail.

  2. I check my mail using Webmail. What will change for me with Office 365?

    • When you access Webmail you will connect to Office 365’s updated interface. All of your e-mail, calendar events, contacts, and tasks will appear here.

    • For more information, see the Office 365 for Faculty and Staff web site.

  3. I check my mail using Outlook on a Mac or PC. What will change for me?

    • Click on the shortcut in your taskbar as you normally would.

    • You may be prompted to restart Outlook. You will then be prompted to login following the onscreen instructions. Once you have logged in, you will see all of your e-mail, calendar events, contacts, and tasks with no change to the application’s functionality.

    • If you run into any problems when following the above instructions, you can use Webmail until you are able to contact the Help Desk for assistance.

  4. I check my mail using a Mobile Device. What will change for me?

    • If you have setup a CCRI e-mail account on your Mobile Device, you will not receive college e-mail, calendar updates, etc. after your account is migrated to Office 365. To reconnect to your CCRI e-mail account, you will need to delete your college e-mail account on your Mobile Device and re-add it. You can continue to use other e-mail apps (such as the iPhone Mail app), Microsoft recommends using the Outlook app for the best user experience.

    • For instructions on how to re-add your e-mail account, see the device setup page.

    • If you have any issues with the above, you can use Webmail (using your Mobile Device’s web browser) until you have time to delete and re-add your account information or contact the Help Desk.

  5. Will my email, calendar, contacts, and tasks transfer to Office 365?

    • Yes, all of your email, calendar events, contacts, and tasks will be moved to Office 365

  6. Will my email address remain the same in Office 365?

    • Yes, email addresses all remain the same when your account information moves to Office 365.

  7. Can I access my e-mail during the migration?

    • Yes, during the migration you won't notice anything different. You will see a notification from Outlook when your migration is complete.

  8. Will my password change?

    • No, your password will stay the same.

  9. Will I be able to download Office to my mobile devices, Mac, or a PC?

    • Yes, you will be able to download onto up to 5 personal devices. Your CCRI-owned equipment already has the Office software, so do not try to install anything on your CCRI-owned equipment. Also, please note that this software will only work while you are a CCRI employee (i.e., it will cease to function when you no longer have a CCRI account).

  10. Is there an archive alternative to .pst files in Office 365?

    • Yes. Office 365 has an online archive feature that allows you to setup an archive infrastructure right in your O365 mailbox. This mailbox is visible in both Outlook and the O365 web interface, an advantage to .pst files which are stored outside the mailbox store. This archive is always available every time you login to your mailbox. Mail from any existing .pst files can be transferred to the online archive.

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