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Working Remotely Checklist

This web page is designed to help faculty and staff understand their options for working from home.

This is a work in progress -please let us know what we've missed.

Preparing your remote workspace

  1. Laptop login - ‘Domain isn’t available’ error message
  2. Do you have Internet access at home?
  3. Do you have current Virus Protection on your home device?
  4. Have you tested your Microphone?
  5. Have a Webcam and want to use it?

Preparing your office space

Using OneDrive to Access Work Files

  • Log into OneDrive via Office 365
  • Copy all or necessary files into your OneDrive for remote access
  • After you copy your work computer's files (Word docs, Excel files, etc.) onto OneDrive, you will be able to access them from home (or anywhere that has an Internet connection) via OneDrive.

Files Shares

  • If you need access to your department's File Shares, please visit

Telephones & Voicemail

Access Choices and how they are reached: