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Stephen A. Vieira
Director of Special Projects
Information Technology

Fax: 401-825-2418

Knight Campus
Room #2074, Ste. 2073

2010 - 2011 Project List

Project ID Project Name Project Description Start and End dates Project Phase
1011-2.1.1 Banner 8.3 Upgrade Upgrading Banner to the latest revision in keeping with the CCRI policy of maintaining the administrative database current.  Moving all third party products integrated with Banner to an appropriate version to continue to work.

Start June '10 to October '10

1011-4.1.1 Blackboard 9.0 Migration

Convert all learning management activities and all WebCT 4.1 courses to Blackboard 9.  Taking an active role in training and assisting with the transition for the approximately 400 WebCT courses to be migrated.

Start January '10 - Sept '11

1011-1.1.1 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Plans to develop a disaster recovery site at the Flanagan Campus to provide replication, redundancy, recoverability and testing support through creation of a duplicate of the Knight Campus data center.  Through a phased approach, the data center in Lincoln will be populated with “best in breed” solutions ensuring that CCRI has a fully-capable and highly-available resource for pre-testing new software, new products, patches, updates, upgrades and other initiative-driven software solutions.  By creating this environment, the college has a resource for testing the disaster recovery test plans, the business continuity solutions and the overall methodology of complete failover in the event of a disaster.

Start January '10  to Present

 1011-1.1.2  Microsoft Live@edu Moving all student email to an outsourced solution,  Evaluating options and identifying risks involved.  Developing strategies for moving all email messages and introducing the system to students through a comprehensive communications program

 Start July '10

End August '10

1011-1.1.3  Account Provisioning  Research and development of a method of taking data from the single authoritative administrative database and automating the process of creating accounts.  Tying all account creation into the active directory to offer single sign on.  Delivering account information to students within a brief time period to encourage registration, portal and email access.

 Start July '10

End August '10
1011-2.1.2 eVisions Argos Report Writer Implementing a new report writer to satisfy user requirements.  Creating a reporting team of functional users and technicians capable of developing datablocks and replacing the existing reporting tool.  Training and standardization of report writing, security, utilization and storage.  Introducing new methods of report delivery.  Start January '10 - Fall '11  Complete
1011-2.1.3 Banner Performance Reporting Analytics Implementing the Operation Data Store and Enterprise Data Warehouse from SunGard HE Creating a repository of tables, fields and values which will be the primary target for all Banner reporting.  Training and development of report readers, writers and datablock designers using Argos and the BPRA Start January '10 - Present Ongoing
1011-2.1.4 Clean Address Utilizing user requirements for data cleansing, install and implement Runner Technologies Clean Address product.  Reduce the amount of manual data cleansing by 90 percent.  Enable the software to check address information prior to storing in the administrative database.  Start January '10 End June '10 Complete
1011-3.1.1 Equitrac Print Management System

Reducing overall print spending and improving cycle times by utilizing appropriate printers for appropriate print jobs (“rules-based printing”).

Drive down costs (chargeback, quotas, and “right” printers for appropriate print jobs)

Easy for everyone to use with improved end user’s experience (“follow me” printing, ID card-based print job release, print job displays based upon user)

Start November '10 - January '11 Complete
1011-1.1.4  Microsoft Premier Support Contract with Microsoft to provide training, strategic planning and implementation support for all Microsoft products.  Road map and product alerts would be supplied to assist in decision-making and planning for new services and applications.  Start January '10 End March '10  Complete
1011-3.1.2 Image Consolidation Research and development in regard to developing a new method of imaging all computers on CCRI campuses.  Created a documented, repeatable process for imaging and packaging that is error free and simple to follow.  Additionally the image must be hardware independent and install;able on all computers regardless of model number. Start November '10 End August '11 Complete
1011-3-1.3 Password Management Researching and implementing a tool that would allow self management of passwords and accounts.  Enabling users to manage their own account information.  Providing a secure fashion to assist in the account management process. Start September '10 - Spring ' 11 Complete
1011-4.1.2 STEM Funding Strategic utilization of STEM monies to support the introduction of technology into classrooms directly affecting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics instruction.  Develop and act on plans to expand the number of technology-enhanced classrooms across the four campuses.  Increase faculty members adoption of technology through the CIT rooms on each campus and a series of training sessions.  Research and introduce new technology in accordance with faculty members demand and pedagogical requirements.  Start January '10 End February'11  Complete
1011-3.1.4 Microsoft Windows 7 Implementation Develop strategies for rolling out the new Microsoft Operating System.  Working with individual faculty members and their specific needs, ensure that no interruption in service will occur.  Develop an image for rolling out the new OS and describe specific classrooms where it cannot due to older software requirements.  Communicate and provide training where necessary Start June '10 End  September '10 Complete
1011-4.1.3 Collaborative Technology Suite  Create and supply collaborative areas on Knight and Flanagan campus where students can work on group projects utilizing technology currently supplied in their classrooms.  Each room is a representative collection of tools that students might use to do a demonstration or presentation in their respective classrooms.  The suites are designed to allow a group of students to work together on classroom related projects.  Start September '10 End December '10  Complete
1011-2.1.5 TouchNet Move the Button Implement a two-pronged approach to providing a PCI compliant solution for credit card handling for all credit students.  Phase one is manipulating the current payment link in Banner to make a secure connection with the payment gateway resident at TouchNet.  Phase two then moves the current payment gateway server from the data center in Warwick to the equally secure TouchNet site thus eliminating a hacker’s target om our data center and providing more information security for PIA. Start May '10 End October '10 Complete
1011-5.1.1 OmniUpdate Content Management Suite

Implementing a new package for content management called OmniUpdate.  This enterprise content management system is secure and scalable to meet the growing needs of the IP staff as they continue to develop new web capabilities.  OmniUpdate also offers a dynamic publishing model that will provide business continuity to the area of web services by storing all web content at the OmniUpdate site.

Start January '10 to Present Converting last of CCRI web pages
1011-5.1.2 Project Management Website Develop and build a website which would support the project management efforts of IT.  Supply a location to house project charters, project plans, supplemental documentation and training materials involved for each project. Start December '10 to Present Ongoing
1011-5.1.3 Report Repository Website Create a standardized method of delivering reports to users in secure fashion.  Develop naming conventions and structures to offer automated report delivery.  Provide specific reports as institutional information for public distribution.  Create a database of all reports, their owners and detailed information about their use and contents for CCRI consumption. Start Summer '12 Ongoing
1011-1.1.5 Network Access Control Implement the Bradford Campus Manager software to control authenticated and authorized access to the CCRI Network Infrastructure.  Develop a list of various anti-virus solutions which will be supported at the college and from that implement a remediation server for system and security updates.  Apply this solution to both wireless and wired solutions ensuring that no offending software might infiltrate the network and the various services it supports. Start September '10 to Fall '11 Complete
1011-5.1.4 Records Management Working with the State archivists, develop a classification system and retention schedule for student records, human resources documentation and paper financial records.  Design a system for maintaining records and expunging them when no longer necessary.  Research tools to automate this processing based upon the classification system and retention schedule.  Start February '11 to Present  Ongoing
1011-3.1.5 Office Communicator Suite  Increase the number of Office Communicator users on campus through a gradual, deliberate and well-developed plan.  Provide training and examples of how OCS can be used.  Plant headphones and web cameras where training has occurred and demonstrate how these can be used to increase communications across all four campuses Start September '10 to Present  Ongoing
1011-2.1.6 Faculty Load Implementing a Banner module that fully automates the process between HR and Student for faculty assignments.  Included are automated calculations based on HR rules, calculating manual compensation amounts, faculty job assignment maintenance and integration with BDMS for faculty contracts. Start Spring 2013 Along with FLAC
1011-2.1.7 Banner Workflow  Acquire twenty pre-canned workflow programs from SunGard HE.  Schedule training for workflow development and modification.  Customize one or more workflow applications for implementation at CCRI meant to reduce the amount of paper flow evident at the college.  Produce a list of potential workflow programs for future development.  Start November '10 to Present  Ongoing

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