About the Lab/Classroom Software Request Form

Any faculty member that requires a software application   available in the public labs and e-Classrooms must fill out this form.  All of your courses and applications can be included on one form. Please submit your form by July 17 for the Fall semester . If you have any questions, please call the IT Help Desk at 825-1112 or e-mail softwarerequest@ccri.edu to schedule an appointment for assistance.

Special Purpose (Course-Specific) Software

Any special purpose (course-specific) software  has to be purchased by your department. When you request special purpose software for use in the labs, the Information Technology department needs a copy of the licensing agreement to ensure that the planned use is in compliance with the agreement. We are available to assist individuals choose software that is compatible with CCRI workstations.  Hardware, software, and user privileges are important considerations to keep in mind when making your final decision.

Faculty who plan to purchase new software or upgrades for existing software must contact the IT Help Desk either via phone: 825-1112 or e-mail softwarerequest@ccri.edu to discuss their plans. Prior to the start of each semester, Information Technology staff need to test  all special software prior to deployment in order to ensure that it is compatible with our computing environment Individuals requesting the use of special purpose software also are required to test and 'sign off' on the software installation, to help prevent any glitches when it is used in the classroom environment Please list ALL special purpose software that you are planning to use  in the classroom. (Include those programs used in the past that you will continue using. Remember to note the version of the software.

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Contact Information

Please note that if you do not renew your request(s), all software loaded for your classes during the previous semesters will be removed to make room for other faculty requests.

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Last Updated: 4/10/18