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VPN Clientless Instruction Sheet

A Clientless VPN connection will allow access to Discoverer and your department share.

  1. While Off-campus, open up a web browser and enter: in the web address window
  2. You may receive a website security certificate message. If so, click on the " Continue to this website (not recommended) " link.

    windows security message
  3. This will bring you to a Login screen.
    1. Select your CCRI department from the "GROUP" drop-down list.
    2. In the "USERNAME:" field type your domain username.
    3. In the "PASSWORD:" field, type your password.
    4. click the "Login" button.Clientless Vpn Login
  4. Another dialog box will appear. Click Continue.vpn tunnel warning
  5. This will bring you to CCRI's WebVPN Service home page.
    You now have the option to connect to your department share or the Discoverer Application.