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SSL VPN Client Installation Instructions

Windows Version

The VPN Client will give you access to additional CCRI resources, including the ability to login and edit your WordPress website.

*Note: you only need to install the VPN Client once.

VPN Setup - Mac Version 

To install CCRI's SSL VPN:

  1. While Off-campus, open up a web browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) and enter: in the web address window
  2. You may receive a website security certificate message. If so, click on the " Continue to this website (not recommended) " link.

    windows security message
  3. This will bring you to a Login screen.
    1. Select your CCRI department from the "GROUP" drop-down list.
    2. In the "USERNAME:" field enter your CCRI username
    3. In the "PASSWORD:" field, type your password
    4. click the "Login" button.Login dialog box
  4. Another dialog box will appear:vpn tunnel warning
  5. Click Continue
  6. This will bring you to CCRI's WebVPN Service home page:

    vpn interface
  7. To install the client, click on the AnyConnect link in the left navigation pane.
  8. Click the Start AnyConnect link:

    AnyConnect install link
  9. This will begin the install of the Cisco AnyConnect client. A Security Alert box will appear. Click Yes to proceed with the download of the VPN client.

    security alert dialog box
  10. The AnyConnect VPN software will automatically establish a VPN connection.

    VPN client installed
  11. You have now successfully installed the VPN client and established a connection. You can close out your browser.
  12. To verify that you are connected on a Windows 7 machine, you may have to click on the little up-arrows in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to see the icon:AnyConnect icon location in Windows 7
  13. The VPN icon will appear in the system tray in the lower right-hand corner of the screen near the time display:

    AnyConnect in system tray
  14. You can now close out your browser. It is not needed to use the client.
  15. To end your VPN session, right click on the VPN icon in the system tray (see above for location) and select Disconnect.

    Disconnect AnyConnect

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Last Updated: 5/23/17