Computer Replacements

To begin the process, Information Technology will notify department heads with a list of specific older computers that will be replaced within their department.  Department heads will have the opportunity to indicate the disposition of the new computer, however the older computer must be turned back to IT. 

If you have been notified about getting a replacement for your old PC, below you will find links for the detailed specifications and backup procedures that you should use to backup your data files a couple of days before the date of replacement.

CCRI Standard PC Configuration

CCRI Standard Laptop Configuration

Guidelines for Appropriate Use of College Owned Laptops

Make a backup of your important documents or data on your hard drive.

A staff member from the Information Technology Help Desk will call you to arrange a date and time for delivery of your new computer.


Computer replacements will be made in accordance with the Technology Renewal Plan based on priorities established by the Academic Technology Advisory Committee.

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Last Updated: 12/21/16