Log In to Classroom Computers

Faculty can  log in to the classroom computers with their domain account to access their PowerPoint slides, etc. that they have created for classroom use. This allows access to personal files on the S: drive (your departmental network drive).  In order to store files on this drive and access them from the classroom, you must have a domain account and access to the department share drive. If you are not sure if you have a domain account or access to the department share drive, please call the Help Desk at 825-1112.

Please remember that you need to log off from the computer when you are finished, as anyone else accessing this computer would have the same rights to your files and your department files.

Contact Information

Tel: 401-825-1112 
E-mail: IT Help Desk [email protected] 

Walk-In Service: 
Knight Campus
Suite 2113 

Calls or e-mails made after closing will be handled at the start of the next business day.

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Last Updated: 8/14/18