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Viewing a Summary Class List in MyCCRI

Faculty can view their class rosters in two ways. The Detail Class List displays each student and his/her information in a separate table. The Summary Class List displays all the student names in a single table so that the data can be used to create an electronic grade book. Each student name is a link to their personal information. These instructions describe the process of viewing the Summary Class List option.

Viewing a Summary Class List in MyCCRI:
Instructions Screenshots
Step 1

Click on the For Faculty tab.

Information Technology
Step 2

Click on the Summary Class List link.

graphic of the For Faculty menu in MyCCRI
Step 3

If you have not selected a term yet, you will be prompted to do so. Click the down arrow and select a term. Click on the Submit button.

graphic of the option to select a term in MyCCRI
Step 4

If you have not selected a course yet, you will be prompted to choose from the Course Reference Number (CRN) list. Click on the down arrow, select your course and click on the Submit button.

Information Technology
Step 5

You will see Course Information and Enrollment Counts at the top of the Summary Worksheet.

graphic of the top of the class list page showing enrollment and course information
Step 6

Scroll down to view the table with all your students' information.

Note that each student name is linked to additional personal information. There are also direct links to the Midterm and Final grading worksheets from this Summary page.

Information Technology
Step 7

To retrieve a class list from an additional course, click on the Return to Previous link and select it from the CRN list.

graphic of the Return to Previous page link

Note: To use this data to build an Excel grade book, simply drag your cursor over the entire table, and choose Edit - Copy from the menu bar. Open Excel and choose Edit-Paste from the menu bar. Delete the columns you don't need and you are now ready to add your grades. To remove the hyperlinks from the names, right-click on a name and choose Remove hyperlink.

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