Dropping Classes in MyCCRI

Students are able to drop a course from within their MyCCRI account. Note that this function is only available during the drop-add period.

Steps Screenshots
Step 1

Log in to your MyCCRI account and click on the For Students tab.

Information Technology
Step 2

On the left-hand side, under Registration Tools, click the Add or Drop Classes link.

add drop class link
Step 3

Click on the arrow next to the Select a Term box and choose the term you wish to drop classes from. Click on the Submit button.

Step 5

Under the Current Schedule option click on the down arrow under the Action option and choose Web Withdrawn.

*Note that if the formal drop/add period has passed there will be no choices available under Action.

graphic of the Web Withdrawn selection
Step 6

Click on the Submit Changes button to finish the action.

graphic illustrating the Submit Changes button

Refund policy for dropped classes

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Last Updated: 3/23/20