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Joining a Group in MyCCRI

If a department, committee or club has created a group that you would like to be part of, you must first join the group. To join a group follow these steps:

Joining a group in MyCCRI:
Instructions and Screenshots
Step 1

Log in to your MyCCRI account.

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Step 2

Click on the groups icon.

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Step 3

To see the available groups, click on the Groups Index tab.

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Step 4

Under Categories, choose the one that best describes your group. For example, the CCRI Tennis group would be under the Athletic category so you would click on that.

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Step 5

Once you’ve opened the Category, click on the desired group (i.e. CCRI Tennis) link.

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Step 6

Before you can participate in the group you must first join it (kind of like a subscription process). Click on the Join Group button to bring up the subscription form.

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Step 7

Under the Required Information section click the check box next to the statement to select it. You should then see a checkmark in the box next to the statement. Under "Tell us why..." enter a brief explanation of why you want to join that group.

Scroll down to the bottom of the form and click on the Join button.

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You are now a member of the group and will be able to read postings by other faculty as well as post to the discussion board and send e-mail to the group. You will also be able to use all the other group tools - like Chat, links, Calendar, etc.

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Last Updated: 3/31/16