If You Forget Your Password

If you have a MyCCRI account, we recommend you create a Security Question and Answer. This feature will allow you to reset your own password without calling and waiting for assistance.

To reset your password in the future, you will have to provide the answer exactly as you typed it.

  1. Login to MyCCRI.
  2. Go to My Info tab.
  3. Choose Set CCRI Account Password Security Questions.
  4. Enter your MyCCRI username and password in the appropriate box.
    • Leave Domain at campus.
  5. Click Login.
  6. You will then be prompted with two security questions
  7. Enter the Answers.
    • Answers are case sensitive so we suggest you enter your answer in lower case.
  8. Click Enroll when done.

If you forget your password and have enrolled in SMOP, by setting up your security questions and answers, you may use the online automated process, Self-Service Password Management System to reset your password yourself.

Please Note: Once you have done the password reset, you will need to wait five minutes for the reset to process before logging in to your MyCCRI account.

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Last Updated: 4/18/18