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Adjust Firewall and Security Settings

If you are having a problem accessing or logging into MyCCRI, you may need to adjust your firewall and security settings. Below are instructions for the following applications:

Zone Alarm

  • Open Zone Alarm
  • In the menu on the left click Privacy"
  • Go to the Site List tab
  • In the list of sites find
  • Click on the red cross in the cookie control section
  • In the menu that appears click allow
  • Close Zone Alarm

McAfee Security Center

  • Open McAfee Security Center
  • Go to the privacy service tab
  • Click configure privacy service options
  • Go to the cookies tab
  • In the bar provided type:
  • Click Add
  • Close McAfee Security Center

Norton Firewall

  • Open Norton Firewall
  • Click on the Options tab
  • Click on the Firewall tab
  • in the list of HTTP ports highlight 80 and click Remove
  • Click Ok

Norton Internet Security

  • Open NIS
  • Click on the Options menu
  • Click on Norton Internet Securities
  • Go to the Firewall tab
  • In the list of HTTP ports highlight port 80 and click Remove
  • Click Ok

What is Port 80?

The list of 'ports' in your firewall are a list of internet connection ports that are blocked. Port 80 is named as being a HTTP port, and defines the way web browsers communicate (client outgoing requests and incoming host reactions) with host servers on the WWW.

Your firewall settings automatically block all ports on setting up. Port 80 is the most commonly used port for websites where interaction is needed between your computer and the website's server. Most websites with any amount of interaction need port 80 to be open.

We have found no evidence that removing this particular port creates danger when you have the rest of your security system set up.

You can find out more about ports by searching for 'port' in your firewall's help section.

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Last Updated: 3/15/16