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Adding a Syllabus In MyCCRI

Here is a quick and easy way for faculty to add a syllabus or important information to their course schedule using MyCCRI. This information will appear as a link from the Available Courses page for student viewing before registration but also appears on the Student Detail Schedule after registration and on your Faculty Detail Schedule. The information you provide will roll with your course from semester to semester.

Adding a Syllabus in MyCCRI
Instructions Screenshots
Step 1

Once you have logged into MyCCRI, click on the For Faculty tab.

Information Technology
Step 2

From the Faculty Dashboard, click on the Syllabus icon

image of the Syllabus icon
Step 3

From the Syllabus Information page, you can create and maintain syllabus information.

image of the Syllabus Information screen
Step 4

When you have finished filling in your information, click "Submit."

Submit button graphic

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