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Camtasia Frequently Asked Questions

What is my  Username/password?

Your username/password is the same as what you use for all CCRI services such as logging onto the domain or MY CCRI.

What  hardware is supported?

Any PC or MAC can record presentations. However for playback, only Windows Media Compatible devices are supported.

Where can I get a  microphone?

Call ITMS Technology Support (455-6111 or x 6111 from any campus phone) or complete an online request form.

What  formats are available and how fast can a presentation be uploaded?

Presentation upload time will vary. Your presentation will be viewable within 24 hours.

Can I use my  MAC with Camtasia Relay?

Yes. A MAC version of Camtasia Relay can be obtained from the Camtasia Relay download page.

Can I create and  upload from off campus?

You can create a lecture capture off campus but you must be on campus to upload your file. The portable recorder can be loaded on a flash drive in order to record off campus. To upload your lecture you will then have to wait until you return to campus and connect to the Internet. After logging in, the lecture stored on your flash drive will automatically be uploaded to the Camtasia Relay server for rendering. When your upload is completed, your file will be saved onto the Streaming Server. A link to the file will be automatically sent to you when ready. Be sure to save your email.

What is the length of  time allowed?

Recorded lectures should be limited to specific instructional content that the instructor wishes to make available for students to review. Keep in mind, the larger the file, the longer it will take to render and upload. Very large files can also delay other smaller files in the cue from being processed

What happens after I submit a  presentation? How can I save it for the future?

After you click Submit, your presentation is readied for upload to the server.

  • If you are connected to the Internet, the presentation immediately starts uploading to the Camtasia Relay server.
  • If you are not connected to the Internet, the recording automatically starts uploading the next time your computer connects to the Internet. You do not receive a notice when your presentation begins to upload.

Note: After you submit your presentation, you cannot access or view your presentation or the status of the upload in the Camtasia Relay recorder.

Once your presentation is uploaded and processed by the Camtasia server, the file is then saved on the streaming server. A link to the file will be automatically sent to you when ready. Be sure to save your email with this important information.

How can I  edit?

Editing is limited to only the beginning of the video clip and end of the video clip. If you have editing needs within your file, contact a member of our classroom support team to assist you in using other applications to accomplish this task.

How do my students get to see the  lecture?

You can post it to your Blackboard course.

Will using lecture capture  encourage students not to come to class?

Faculty will set the accepted attendance policy which will specify the number of absences allowed. Some faculty use lecture capture presentation as assignments to be viewed before class. The actual class time is used to discuss the content and encourage collaborative and active participation on the part of each student.

How long will my captured lectures be available? Will they only be available during the semester or will it be available for the year?

Your files will be saved on our streaming server for 13 months (same as Bb course material).

Is my lecture  secure and protected from outside viewers?

Yes, only those people who you have forwarded the video link to will be able to view it.

If I don’t have a Blackboard course  shell how can I learn how to use Blackboard to organize my course?

The Department of Instructional Technology/Media Services (ITMS) offers continuous training on how to use Blackboard, contact a member of the Instructional Technology team. Visit the website below for more information:

Last Updated: 1/3/17