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Dell PC

Dell PC
Instructions Screenshots
1: Power Button

Use this button to turn the computer on. To turn the computer off, bring up the Windows Menu located in the lower left corner of the desktop. Click on the right-arrow at the bottom right of the menu and select "Shut Down". The computer will automatically shut off once it is done powering down.

diagram of Dell PC with numbers coresponding to nembered list in first column.
2: CD/DVD Drive

Insert a music or data CD or a DVD into this drive. To access files, select "CD Drive (D: )" from the drop-down menu.

3: USB Port

Insert your USB stick into one of these slots in order to access the files on it. USB drives normally show up as (E: ) or (F: ) on drop-down menus.

*Instructors who need special software loaded on a classroom computer or are having problems with hardware/software should notify the Help Desk at x1112.

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