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Assessments/Assignments/Grade Center

Accessing Tests

Students typically access tests from a Content Area. Instructors may provide information below the test title, if desired.

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After the test is selected, Click "Begin" and the test appears. Any instructions provided by the instructor are located at the top of the test. If the test is timed, the timer starts once "Begin" is clicked.

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Viewing and Submitting Assignments

Students access assignments in a Content Area by clicking an assignment title. From the "Upload Assignment" page, students can:

  • View instructions and access files attached by the instructor
  • Complete their submissions by entering text or attaching files
  • Submit their work for feedback or grading

Submitting an Assignment

  1. From a Content Area, click an assignment's title.
  2. On the "Upload Assignment" page, review the "Instructions" and any attached files.
  3. If instructed, enter text in the "Submission" text box.
  4. If instructed, "Browse" to attach a file.
  5. If desired, enter "Comments" for the instructor.
  6. Click "Submit".
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Accessing My Grades

Students view their course grades from the "My Grades" tool. Grades are available by default; however, instructors may choose to make a grade unavailable.

Students can access "My Grades" from the "Course Menu".

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Viewing Grades

My Grades displays the following information by Default. The instructor can customize the information students see.

  • Item Name - each item is a column in the Grade Center, such as a grade column.
  • Details - contains the description the instructor entered when creating the column, or the default description of the column was automatically created.
  • Due Date - information appears only if the instructor entered a due date when creating the column.
  • Last Submitted, Edited, or Graded - displays the date a student submitted the item or the instructor graded or returned the item.
  • Grade - if the item has been graded, the grade is a link to the submission and instructor feedback; if it has not yet been graded, a symbol shows the item's status.
  • Points Possible - value entered by the instructor when creating the test or assignment, or when creating the column.
  • Comments - if the original grade is overridden, the instructor can provide feedback to the user.

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In the Item Name column, you may see rows displaying a Total and Weighted Total.

In the Grade Column, a symbol represents the item's status.

The table below describes the symbols displayed on the My Grades page.

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Viewing Feedback

The content of the "Submission History" page varies depending on the item type. For assignments, the submission is displayed with the instructor's feedback, if given. For assessments, only the grade is displayed.

A. The student attached a file to fulfill the assignment, which the instructor downloaded to view and grade. In the example below, the student added his last name to the file name before uploading.

B. The instructor added a grade, feedback, and attached a file with comments for the student.

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