Hourly Rates for Part-Time Payroll

Part-time, temporary positions are limited to a maximum of 19 hours per week and do not include state benefits.

The tables listed below consist of general positions frequently available at the college.   If you do not see a title that reflects the position available within your department, or if you have any questions regarding an hourly rate, contact the Office of Human Resources.  Final approval of hourly rates will be determined by the Office of Human Resources.

Titles/Hourly Rates For Part-Time Staff
Clerical - basic duties $14.17
Clerical - advanced duties  16.34
Lab Assistant  16.49
Lab Assistant II - advanced sciences  19.47
Tutor (non certified)  13.27
Tutor (certified)  16.49
Titles/Hourly Rates By Department
Advising - Advisor $16.49
Advising - Academic Counselor  19.17
Allied Health - EMT Trainer  26.52
Athletics - Athletic Trainers/Assistant  19.17
Athletics - Event Supervisor  16.49
Athletics - Lifeguards (September - May)  11.10
Athletics - Lifeguards (June - August)  13.10
CWCE - CDL Examiner  21.93
CWCE - CNA Proctor  15.91
CWCE - Drivers Ed Instructor  38.75
CWCE - DWI Counselor  28.34
CWCE - School Bus Instructor  21.22
CWCE - School Bus Examiner  21.93
ENROLLMENT SERVICES - Customer Service Rep  16.34
INFORMATION TECH - AudioVisual Assistant  14.17
INFORMATION TECH - Lab Monitor/Assistant  14.17
INFORMATION TECH - IT or Help Desk Support  15.30
LIBRARY - Librarian  21.22
REACH - Test Administrator  16.49

Except for Driver's Ed Instructors, the hourly rates listed above are effective 1/3/2016 or later.  Driver's Ed Instructor pay rate is effective 7/1/2017.

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Last Updated: 5/19/19