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Advertising a Part-Time Position

It is the college’s policy to make vacancy notices available to attract as wide a spectrum of candidates as possible.  Advertising is a best practice to recruit and attract the most qualified candidates, widen the pool of job applicants, and show a commitment to fair hiring practices. 

Advertising for all part-time, temporary positions, including Adjunct Faculty, is mandatory, however, some exceptions will apply.  Exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Office of Human Resources and a notation will be included on the Part-time Payroll Authorization form completed during the approval process.

Exceptions include:

  • Filling emergency staffing needs (ex. Leave of absences)
  • Position requires a special skill set
  • Yearly re-authorizations
  • Short-term replacement for a retirement/resignation

Start the process by completing a job description and forwarding it to [email protected].  

A template for the part-time job description can be found here

For assistance with your posting and any questions regarding part-time employment, please contact Maria Rosado, Talent Acquisition Specialist.